Harmonized embedded system include the selection of 4 main elements: CPU, RAM, NAND-SSD and frequently a coprocessor.
To-Team Ltd offers a variety of solutions for the Industrial embedded domain. Our focus verticals are artificial intelligence, storage, human to machine interface, high end processing and power.
System on Module, Single Board Computers, Mother Boards, All-In-One, Panel PC, Industrial tablets, servers, and racks comprise the building blocks of our service.

Artificial Intelligent and graphical coprocessor accelerators enhance the overall system performance by executing complex arithmetical and machine learning algorithms. Using such accelerators allows the creation of low power, efficient, powerful yet low cost solutions.

Computer storage is a very sensitive element to ambient operating temperature and writing operations. The correct selection of NAND-SSD will benefit the user with long lasting system.
The storage domain includes DRAM and NAND modules. The NAND modules have many variants including Solid-State-Drives, Memory cards such as CF, PATA, Cfast, MicroSD.
To-Team has a complete range of DRAM and NAND modules in a large variety of capacities, operating temp, harsh environmental and ruggedization levels.

Computer operation requires energy received from power supply or batteries.
The Power Supply domain is a very standardized and monitored one. Power supply standards are being updated frequently by the large standardization organizations forcing the suppliers to upgrade and re-certify their products. During the past years many countries defined their own local power supply standards creating a barrier to import such products to their country. The selection process of power solution should include calculation of the power needed to operate the system, understanding operating temperature and environmental conditions, defining optimal cooling methods, and knowing the target geographical market.
Power supply and batteries shipment is a challenging task which requires extensive understanding of import and export entities and laws. To-Team possesses the necessary knowledge to ship such products.

Display and Touch panels have become a very popular Human Machine Interface.
Selection process of such interface should include understating of the embedded system interface (VGA, HDMI, MIPI, LVDS etc…), environmental constrains and operating conditions.
The standardization level of that domain is very low allowing To-Team to define form fit function 2 nd source solution product at relatively low cost and in a short lead time.

Connecting the system’s components requires connectors and cables. Connecting it to the outside world requests cables, harnesses, and antennas.
Definition, development, samples production and mass production of cables and antennas are supplemental services provided by To-Team. The following services are available throughout the entire lifetime of the product. To-Team has a local cable lab which allows rapid customization supporting prototype and small batch production. When reaching the mass production phase, we hand over the production to our cable and antenna partners.

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Artificial intelligence processors

Memories and storage for computers

power supplies


Displays and touch screens

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