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To-Team Ltd provides One-Stop-Shop service for embedded customers.
Established during 2009, To-Team offers leading edge product lines such: Artificial Intelligent (AI), Small-Board-Computers (SBC) and Super Computers.
Our wide range audience includes early-stage startups, mature companies, and the world’s largest construction electronic manufacturing. To-Team’s products and solutions are sold worldwide with a special emphasis on USA, China, Taiwan and India.
To-Team’s professional service includes a wide range from component level, top level system architecture and up to advanced full blown hardware platform design. Our design methodology uses off-the-shelf technology building blocks in case the technology does not exist or wasn't found – To-Team will re-design or customize similar technology.
The execution of such design mythology is enabled by our leading yet innovative and flexible vendors portfolio. Our vendors support on-time, stable, harmonized, and long term (3~7 years) fulfilment. The company is ISO9001 certified.

Tailoring a customized solution for the customer based on off-the-shelf products.
Areas of activity of the company

The company’s services are suitable for any company that uses embedded computer hardware in its products. The company’s solutions are built on the basis of products that are at the forefront of technology while emphasizing reliability, survivability, product longevity, the supplier envelope suitable for the environmental conditions and the supply of the product over many years. The company operates in many diverse fields.

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