To-Team’s services are offered to every company which embeds hardware in its products.

Our solutions are based on advanced technologies with special focus on reliability, serviceability,
longevity, sustainability in the expected environmental conditions.

Throughout the years To-Team has developed unique specialization in the following domains:

● Artificial intelligence (AI) with special focus on AIoT devices.
● High Performance Computers (HPC) built as computer clusters used in medical research,
High Frequency stock Trading (HFT), Academic and AI training.
● Medical equipment focus on medical esthetic equipment and on-going patient monitoring.
● Industrial computers aiming to operate in harsh, extreme temperatures while using a
variety of cooling methods and wide operating voltage.
● Semi-military, Syber and homeland systems based on off-the-shelf components.
● Automotive aftermarket driving and driver monitoring equipment.
● Digital signage and multimedia product for outdoor and harsh environment.

To-Team is involved in many other domains according to our customer’s need.
Please contact us for enhanced information.

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