The Israeli technology market is evolving rapidly focusing on software (SW) as core business. Only a few years ago, both software and hardware (HW) were the core business of these companies.

The main reasons for the concept change are the long HW development cycles and the outsourcing of the final product production trend. In addition, sourcing of large Bill Of Materials (BOM) has
become harder due to components allocation.

These days, many customers prefer to use off-the-shelf System On Module (SOMs), Single Board Computers (SBC), Mother Boards (MB) and Server Boards to rapidly introduce new technologies by reducing hardware research and development period. When using off-the-shelf products the
customer can focus on its core SW business without the dependence on specific HW platform, thus creating competitive edge during the transfer to new technology or modification in its product line.

To-Team represents leading vendors with vast HW product line. These vendors are updated with the cutting-edge protocols and technology, they invest many resources to develop, test and qualify their products according to the most updated standards.

During the initial phase of the project, we will analyze the customer’s request to provide the best response while using off-the-shelf products. The initial architecture phase requires deep understanding while having the most updated technology knowledge in the market.

In case the needed technology is not available To-Team will prepare NRE based offer which will be based on off-the-shelf products modifications. The hardware modifications will be tested based on business potential, modification impact on certifications and the impact on the customer’s project.

Rarely the project’s needs are too far from any off-the-shelf technology forcing us to develop hardware products from scratch. In such case, we will act as the customer’s research and development department providing hardware, firmware, and software services.

To-Team’s product line allows overall cost reduction as it consists of the most critical and expensive system elements. In addition, we offer integrating services performed in the vendor’s factory or in our facility, the following in the highest-level complying with ISO standards.

We offer complimentary services such as: import, export, drop off shipments, short and long terms warehouse service. The storage services are offered both in Israel and abroad.

We are here at your service, feel free to contact us in any need.

System Architecture

Tailoring a personal solution

Using building blocks from off-the-shelf products

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