Form factor M.2 2260 PLP 
Interface SATA Rev. 3.1 (6Gb/s) – with backwards compatibility to SATA Rev. 2.0 (3Gb/s)
Capacities 3D TLC: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB
Data Transfer (ATTO) 3D TLC 64GB: Sequential Read 390 Sequential Write 242 MB/s  
  3D TLC 128GB: Sequential Read 504 Sequential Write 408 MB/s  
  3D TLC 256GB: Sequential Read 545 Sequential Write 519 MB/s  
  3D TLC 512GB: Sequential Read 550 Sequential Write 518 MB/s  
  3D TLC 1TB: Sequential Read 558 Sequential Write 520 MB/s  
Power Consumption 0.415W Idle / 2.362W (Active)
Storage temperature -40°C~85°C
Operating temperature Standard 0°C~70°C
Industrial -40°C~85°C
Dimensions 60mm x 22mm x 3.8mm (M.2)
Vibration operating 20G Peak
Vibration non-operating 1500G @ 0.5ms 
Life expectancy 2 million hours MTBF 3K P/E (Program / Erase) 
Warranty/support3 Limited 3-year warranty with free technical support
Total Bytes Written (TBW) 3D TLC 64GB: 96TB 
  3D TLC 128GB: 192TB 
  3D TLC 256GB: 385TB 
  3D TLC 512GB: 769TB 
  3D TLC 1TB: 1538TB 
Special features  - Native Command Queuing up to 32 commands
- Supports SATA device sleep mode(DevSleep)
- Supports Garbage Collection
- Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting
- Supports 28-bit and 48-bit LBA(Logical Block Addressing)
mode commands
- Power Loss Protection (PLP) with Tantalum capacitors 
Data Protection and Reliability - Supports data quick erase
- Hardware LDPC ECC engine with hard-decision and
soft-decision decoding
- RAID engine offers additional level of data protection
- Internal data shaping technique increased data
- Early weak block retirement option
- Global wear leveling algorithm evens program/erase
count and extends SSD lifespan
- Supports DDR3/DDR3L (32GB doesn’t support DRAM)


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M.2 2260 SATA PLP


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