Memory modules industry is divided into three domains: Consumer, Embedded and Military/Special. 

The consumer domain drives the memory modules to provide faster, bigger and cheaper solutions. 

That domain encapsulates most of the memory industry investments which involves very large capital. 

The embedded domain is usually a follower of the consumer market, in most cases the embedded customer will design in off-the-shelf, state of the art memory modules into his design. During the first phase, usually during design, prototype and beta productions that product will be available to purchase without any issues. As the consumer domain needs to innovate in order to convince the customers to renew their equipment, that industry will phase out products every 12~36 months. The embedded customer will face End Of Life (EOL) and Last Time Buy (LTB) announcements very fast. 

The magic word in embedded domain is longevity and not price as the re-design phase is time and finance consuming process. To-Team's vendors target both the consumer and the embedded customers. To-Team has a vast experience in supporting customers who suffer from EOL of products which their vendors issued.


To-Team's DRAM product line is very broad and includes cutting-edge standards as DDR4, DDR3 and legacy standards as DDR2 and even DDR. To-Team is well known to supporting customers which receive EOL notification from their current vendors by designing in our memory modules. To-Team's DRAM memory modules support all mechanical standards as well, our expertise includes but is not limited to Unregistered Dual In-Line Memory Module (UDIMM),  Registered Dual In-Line Memory Module (RDIMM), Serial Presence Detect DIMM (SPD), Error Correction Code DIMM (ECC), Single Rank and Dual Rank DIMM, Low profile DIMM (LP), Very Low Profile DIMM (VLP), Standard Temperature and Extended Temperature.

To-Team's expertise is so vast that we are quite sure we will be able to support all industrial customers seeking good and reliable SSD and/or Flash memory vendor.


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