Our customers developed an expertise for display and touch panels only by using their mobile phones
Display and Touch Panels are the most important Human Machine Interface (HMI) element. 

As a result, the standard level required from the customer is very high.

Failure in one of the above will surely cause customer's dissatisfaction, recalls and financial damage.  


During the selection phase of a new display, the engineer needs to take under consideration many aspects which will influence the display functionality, lifetime and longevity. Among other aspects the engineer will need to consider: environmental temp (operating, storage, humidity etc...), environmental hazard (vibrations, dropping, sun reflection etc...), Operating Systems fit, User hazards (sun reflections, brightness, vandalism etc...) and more... 


The display industry is not standardize, meaning each solution is different. As a result, most of the projects will start with single source and not with dual sources. The effort needed to qualify new display is big due to the fact that this process is done both internally and externally with the end customer's involvement as well.

In most cases, the approval of a 2nd source display will involve one or few modifications as Flex PCB tooling, LCD IC controller modification, Touch Panel Flex cable tooling, Touch Panel view area or active area modification.   

To-Team is an expert in small 1.3"~10.4" display which includes various data interface (e.g: Parallel RGB, MCU, LVDS, HDMI, MIPI and more), controllers and touch panels such as Restive-RTP, Capacitive-CTP, and Projected Capacitive- PCAP.

Our expertise includes deep technical knowledge which will help our customers to define the correct solution for their needs. 


New project, End of Life (EOL) and 2nd Source project, we await your request.           


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