Our Expertise

To-Team's specialty is focus on Industrial customers. This specialty will increase your project success rate and will allow it to survive longer in the market. Win-Win approach is our key element for success. To-Team brings that approach to reality while supporting the following elements: 

Technical Support 
B.O.M Control 

The foundation of every successful design is  technical support. To-Team's profound technical experience is a key element in the customer's system design and smooth ramp up phase. we invite you to enjoy our high level uncompromising technical support.

We are proud of our capability to control the product's B.O.M according to the customer's needs. Our vendors will not surprise you by changing the content of the product without prior notification and Last Time Buy (L.T.B) announcement. The worst surprise is to find that product that have qualified and approved is not the one that you are purchasing 12 months later... To-Team's team will help you avoid these surprises.    ​

B.O.M means Bill Of Materiel 

Passing the NPI and beta phase takes from a few months and up to a few years. Finishing that phase and finding that your suppliers can't support the defined components is very unpleasant.

End Of Life (E.O.L) notifications during field deployment bears as lot of hazards to an ongoing project not to mention the R&D time and effort.

Selecting the correct product with the needed longevity is a key factor in future life span of your total solution.

E.O.L / 2nd Source 
Quality Assurance (Q.A)
 Competitive pricing 

Our expertise in B.O.M control and longevity enables us to fill up the gap when other vendors drop/E.O.L your component. To-Team's vendors have an excellent track record in supporting E.O.L and legacy components.  
Feel free to challenge us in any component from our supported verticals. 

To-Team country managers located in China, Shenzhen and in Taiwan, Taipei allows us to control our vendors production very closely.

We have the capability to visit our vendors during the production phase and at its end.

Usually we will run Application Testing Procedure (A.T.P) during first production batches and for quality sensitive products.  

In a world where the information is open and online purchasing is so easy (and risky) To-Team must maintain good price competitive approach. 

Utilizing its slim structure and low cost operating To-Team will provide very competitive quotations.

We can't guaranty to be the cheapest one but we can do our best to reach there.  


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